Will you be my notebook?

Will you be my notebook?

Will you be my notebook?

I will travel this world with you,
and take you to breath-taking places.
We will talk to new people every day.
I will share with you, the taste of
delectable delicacies round the globe.
I will fill your heart with every
picturesque moment that we come across.
You would accompany me to every expedition,
so that we together learn about this world;
it’s unique people and places.
I will share with you infinite stories
that ought to come by, during our getaways.

Every memory of us will be
a priceless possession to treasure.

I will drape you in satin ribbons,
decorate you with tiny sparkles,
and wave around quirky glitters on you.
I will make you look so mesmerizing
that you catch eye of every random person.

I will sleep by your side every night
looking at the stars that shine upon us.
And you would be the first thing
I will wake up to, every morning.
You will be just mine till the end and
I will get to spend the rest of my life with you.

So, tell me
Will you be my notebook?

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