Thoughts to sleep

Thoughts to sleep

What do you think before
you swiftly drift away to your dreams?

Do you live and re-live our beautiful memories?
Or do you imagine a beautiful future that awaits us?

Do you think of me making faces at you and
laughing endlessly on your silliest remarks?
Or, do you end up remembering a point
that you should have raised when we were
in the middle of a heated discussion
about something of least significance?

Perhaps, I can sometimes imagine you
imagining things that ought to happen
only in one’s fantasy; where
*We are the kings and queens seeking our aces out.*
Whatever it is, I truly believe that
when your thoughts dissociate into dreams,
It is me who is with you.
Because when it comes to sleep,
Without a doubt- there are a million possibilities
Of associating me with you in the loveliest of ways;
and you would like to keep it that way.
It is a thought that you wouldn’t trade for any other!

For me, I am quite consistent in falling asleep.
You see, I have my own ways of being with you.

I do not ponder upon the memories of the past,
And neither do I proclaim any throne beside you.
I do not care very much about “our” future,
Nor do I find ourselves trapped on an island.

My last thought is of you sleeping next to me.
I can feel you humming the sweet sound
with your damp and rhythmic breathing.

It seems so real and so warm that I can see myself
snuggling up in your arms holding you tight.
With every passing breath of mine,
I am able to smell more and more and more of you.
And to be true, I have never been successful
to recall when exactly I tend to fall into sleep.

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