The summer of twenty-twenty

The summer of twenty-twenty

It has been an oddly satisfying time this quarantine.
It is only right to take a moment and appreciate it all.

The life has offered with a pause button and
given the time to appreciate what really matters in this world.
From the beautiful aura of the nature to the calm of the soul,
it has been so much to see and so much to feel.

Drooling through the tit-bits of this typical order
I count my blessings that was not otherwise possible.

The little things have been so overwhelming this season.
Little things like~ the freshly baked smell of the oven
and the rich delicacies set on the table for feast;
the wisdom of silent and lonely walks
and the room full of cranky opinions under one roof;
the cluttered group of people around the world who matter
and the wasteful lust of materialism that now seems over.

My heart is all full with
the blooming of flowers and the chirping of birds;
the swaying of trees and the sun peeping through clouds;
the moonlight skies and the smell of the soil after rain;
the power of a positivity and the musings with self;
the unwillingness to work and laughter of the family.

Right from the breeze of spring to the onset of monsoon,
I have felt and lived the whole summer of twenty-twenty.

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