The sins of humankind

The sins of humankind

I have been giving it a thought lately.
The humankind is self-gratifying,
and there has been a spiritual disconnect
between our actions and the supreme power.

The seven deadly sins have shaped
the evil world around us and there’s no getting by.
We add our bits to it that we can’t help with.

Talking about myself
-there’s a hidden pride in me of the privilege
that is not intentional yet existent,
-anger is instilled in my veins
for all that I have ever tried to become and ever tried to do,
-I happen to have this urge for all the delicacies,
so there’s gluttony to eat until I can’t no more,
-there’s lust for simplest delights of the body and mind
that ought to stick around in the darkest of times,
-I have been greedy for all that’s glittery and shiny
and this want never fails to diminish even if I get enough,
-I say, I am sloth for everything that brings comfort, and
-I envy the far-fetched realities with my eyes wide awake.

But I am not the only sinner under the blue sky!

There’s not a single soul who
-doesn’t take pride in being their own self,
-isn’t angry with the unfair life,
-wouldn’t dream of stuffing in everything nice,
-cannot not live without the unadorned pleasures,
-isn’t greedy with what world has to offer,
-wouldn’t trade anything for convenience, and
-doesn’t look for the enchanting lives of others.

Hands to God, it’s all in me!
But I know for a fact that these are the sins of humankind.

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