The sayings of the unsent letters

The sayings of the unsent letters

Dear Love,

Its been a long since I’ve been thinking about saying things to you. Sometimes the mood is not right, and sometimes I just fall short of words. And honestly, I don’t know if this one will be enough. Maybe, it would just end up being another eulogy of our love like my trials at writing. Perhaps, I will end up saying this to you without actually saying anything~ like I always have been! And this one, will be special.

These days, I have developed a sense that in the end its just the kindness that matters. All of our voices are just a shout in the void and everything that we wish for is just another worldly nuisance. When I look back, I just remember the love in your eyes and warmth in your arms. And when I think about it now, it is the only thing that has really made the difference to me in this whole wide world. I would take the chance to celebrate our love with every passing day. Each day, a bigger celebration than the last.

I have realised that everything doesn’t need to be fixed. Sometimes we just need to be compassionate and brave enough to let things the way they are.
Broken is beautiful, and incomplete is just one perspective. Nobody is perfect, and perfection is relative. I dearly love you the way you are. You are perfect for me. And, there is not even a single thing I wish you would change in yourself for me.

To be young and in love is the most beautiful feeling ever. It makes you want to touch the sky riding that weirdly-high never-ending roller coaster. It makes you forget all the pain. It makes you feel complete. I want to be forever young in your love. Even today, I feel the butterflies in my stomach when I see you or hear you call me by my name. Even today, you make my heart skip a beat. One lifetime would not be enough for us. I want a hundred lifetimes with you. And I want to grow old with you each time.

Love, Me.

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