The river and me

The river and me

I owe myself a free life;
A life that takes me anywhere I want-
just like the river that flows free.

Why do you want me to be contained?

Give it a thought maybe;
Would you, for me?

The intensity that I have is beyond your imagination.
My depth can make your ego sink a million times.
The aura that I reflect can give you the peace
that you have been searching for a thousand years.
My serenity can change the nature of your malice.

You always seem to ignore the obvious.
Just because I don’t say it, it goes unnoticed.

I am sure you did miss all of it,

Why would you want to cage me in the boundaries
that are restricted to your tiny capabilities?

Why would you now care not to see
that I possess the grace of the river in my soul?

So here, I have given it a though
I am not going to wait for any more validation.

…I choose…to flow!

So, when the morning sun hits me,
I will shine so beautifully that
the world sees small pellets of gold in me,
and it reminds you that
I have always had a river in me.

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