Walking tall

Walking tall

Raindrops keep falling on my head and I can’t fight this feeling no more.

Have you seen me lately?
Each day, I am losing my religion.
I keep drowning on this dry land.

It was a perfect little accident- me and you.
Me~ the girl with no name
and you~ my love, my loss and my legacy.

But now, I have this puzzle with a piece missing.

Through the tainted obligations to find the match,
I keep searching deep within myself over and over again.

Remember the time we kept our secrets in a heart-shaped box?
When you used to tell me sweet little lies,
and our love was a beautiful song beneath a song.

It was an honest mistake. We were never meant to be.
You were my sunflower and my blue valentine at the same time.
We were never meant to be.

Trying hard, I am giving peace a chance though.
Its like walking on a dream through slow night, so long.
The sound of silence is beautiful, and I never knew.

That one piece-I must have lost it on the wind.

It’s time, I leave the puzzle incomplete.
It’s time, I seal my fate. It’s time, I heal.

One step too far, in a brave new world
the puzzle is the scar and the souvenir,
the puzzle is the catastrophe and the cure,
the puzzle is the life.

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