Remember that lame joke you cracked about something and your friends chukled a bit- not because it was funny, rather it wasn’t. You know, each of them now thinks of you and smiles everytime they come across “that something”. 

Remember that introvert girl you complimented for her beautiful voice. She has finally drawn the courage to open her YouTube channel. Everytime she opens the front camera to record, she thinks of you and smiles.

Remember that woman who sat besides you on the airplane seat with a beautiful nose piercing. You told her so, and saw her blush. Total stranger, wasn’t she? You know, her piercing was a mark of her childhood compulsion. But now everytime se looks at herself in the mirror, she thinks of you and smiles.

Remember that college boy you saw during an open mic and told him how cool his piece was.  He has started having a conversation with his parents to take up career as a stand-up comic because a stranger told him how cool he is. He thinks about you and smiles.

Remember that little girl who came along with her mother to work in your house one day, and you taught her alphabets and counting? She speaks them out loud every night before sleeping these days. Her family thinks about you and smiles.

Remember that you have more impact than you think on things around you. All along, you have been making some happiness in your head and passing it on. You have blessed everyone who’s been around you with a tiny souvenir of yourself in some way or another- which they think of and smile.

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