Me and you

Me and you

Sitting infront of the mirror, I looked in your eyes.
They were trying to tell many stories- all at once!

I saw you and It felt like I have known you since forever.

In your eyes I could see
the valiant battles that you have fought with yourself,
and the arguments that you have won over the years.
I could see all the tiniest bits that make you “you”.

So, I forged a thought to pen down something for you.
But, to write about you -all at once- was tiring.
And to -choose one story- was no less gruelling.

To make it easier, I closed my eyes for a moment.
Surprisingly, I was still able to look into your eyes!

There you were,
so fearless that in your presence I felt powerful.
You gave me hope that I shall survive, come what may.
To write, I couldn’t resort to a single prose for you
and together, everything was a beautiful huge mess!

The truth be told~ you is me and me is you.
So there I was;
Sitting infront of the mirror, looking in my own eyes.

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