Having me by your side

Having me by your side

I sit by the window, watching the evening sun reading
the novel that you gave me- of an unknown author;
because your sense of everything that’s related to
poetry, language or art is like a dart in the dark!
~But I read it with the same dedication that I have
when I read Margaret Atwood or Ayn Rand.

You come home late and lie down on my lap
-the way a child does to his mother after school.
Your head feels heavy with 9 to 5 engagements
and the worries about the future.

I slowly move my hand through your hair.
With a tear from the corner of your eye,
you silently drift away slowly into sleep.
It’s the time when I can’t feel my legs anymore,
but it feels good to know that your head now feels light.
When I have you, it feels like you have everything!

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