Getting to know you

Getting to know you

Who are you?

You know me better than I know myself.

So tell me,
are you an invisible part of me?

I believe you are someone
who knows all the hidden feelings,
and understands all that remains unsaid.

Are you a close friend of mine
who knows all my secrets?

Or, are you someone who knows
all that I miss in my peripheral vision
or that which I sometimes choose to unsee?

Or perhaps,
everything aside-
are you just me?
all that I am,
and all that I long to be!

You are like that peculiar shadow
which chooses to stick around even in the dark.
You are like that lover
who loves me through all the seasons.

I don’t know who you are,
Sometimes, I don’t even want to know!
I just wanted to say
Thank you for being there for me.

It’s important for me because, you see
I tend to live a life of denial.
But with you, at the end of the day
I end up seeing the mirror that you hold.

And even after all the nagging and ignorance
you make sure that
I face the truth and accept the reality.

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