An abstract love

An abstract love

I don’t know who you are, but I feel you all around.

Some day, I tell myself,
you will find me and find beauty in my normalcy.


Look, I am already in love! It keeps me going, you see.

I am in love, with the thought of loving you.
I am in love, with you loving me.

Sometimes I look up in the sky
and think, how would it be looking from your place.
I hope it looks beautiful, and the hues are all over.

But, I can’t know for sure.

At least, we are under the same sky.
A sky under which, everything makes sense.
A sky, that makes the sun rise for a new day.

If I could, I would come to you with all the colours;
And with you, I would paint new possibilities.

I would use the shades of my imagination, with a tint of blurred memories of the past.

The testing waters are deep, but there’s an other side.
Be still, keep waiting for me.
I will sail through it all and soon be with you.

Someday, the stars will shine down to embrace our love.


Your love makes me think of sunshine and daisies.

You love is like the five hundred days of summer.

Your love has managed a total eclipse of my heart.

I do not know who you are
But your love is my beautiful doom.

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