Escribir is a word derived from Spanish, which translates to “to write”… So, this particular expedition is me forging my way into the world of words with a pencil of old school thoughts.

I write to escape the imperative, I write to relive the worthy moments, I write to seek the truth, I write to forget all malice and hatred, I write to lessen the pain, I write to content myself, I write to give justice to my thoughts, I write to practice writing, and I write with an intention to make want to write more.

Blessed are those who are capable of translating their thoughts into words. And I truly hope to achieve it somewhere on this journey. Putting my writings out in the world is a milestone for me. I am truly humbled to be able to work on my growth.

To everyone reading this, I hope to see you around!

With love, Aakriti

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