A child writes to the community

A child writes to the community

They say that history owes an apology to you;
And that you have faced centuries of
hatred and oppression and humiliation.
They also say that you deserve an equal position in the society;
and we are delighted to have you together with us.

Isn’t it all so vague and so ambiguous?

I don’t understand how it works!

How is “you” different from “we”?
Why my elders have made you so distant
that they are now sorry for that?
Why is all so questionable?
Why all of us are even discussing it?
Why so much deliberation, mobilization and call for justice?
Who are “we” to give “you” freedom to live?
Isn’t life something that God gives us?
So, why have we manifested it in our hands?
Who are “we” to do that!?

I don’t find any divergence of you from any of us;
not in thoughts, not in actions,
not in showing love,
and not in hard work for success.

But if everyone says so, and if it actually is,
I feel ashamed that I am a part of those “we”!

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