4am letter

4am letter

I feel a continued discomfort.
I have even lost the count of time by now.

Maybe the night is going to get over
because I can faintly start
to hear all the birds and the peacocks.

There were things that were left unsaid.
You left in hurry,
And behind you
I became a prisoner of your memories-  yet again!

I am not damaged, neither are you.
None of us is hurt either.
We both are at peace, and in so much love.

I can see you.
And I know you can see me too.
Me- with my eyes wide open,
And you- perhaps in your dreams.

I do not hesitate to say it out loud
through the darkness of the night, and
through the numbness of my heart
-that I miss you.

It makes me vulnerable,
but it also makes me honest.
Since I am true and so are you
-I wait for the morning sun.

Let’s give it another try?
So when you wake up, call me?

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